Establishment of National Crop Genomics and Speed Breeding Center for Agriculture Sustainability under Annual Development Program


Keeping in view the importance of agri-genomics, several projects were launched at MNS University of Agriculture Multan, under the visionary leadership of Prof. Dr. Asif Ali (T.I). Recently, Institute of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology – MNSUAM, has been awarded with an ADP project to establish “National Crop Genomics and Speed Breeding Center for Agriculture Sustainability (NCG&SBCAS)” worth 450 million PKR. Team leaders and faculty members, Dr. Muhammad Asaf Khan, Dr Ummara Waheed, Dr. Zulqurnain Khan, Dr. Shoaib Ur Rehman, Dr. Muhammad Ali Sher, Dr Akash Fatima, Dr. Sehrish Ijaz, Dr Muhmmad faisal and Mr. Furqan Ahmad are working under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hammad Nadeem Tahir (Director Institute of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology, Director QEC – MNS University of Agriculture). 

The main objective of NCG&SBCAS is to explore the genomic information and historic genetic background of major crops; wheat and cotton, with possible fast track solutions of the issues including insect/pest complex and climate change to ensure food security in the country for achieving long-run objectives in line with the government vision. The specific objectives are: 

  1. Acquisition, maintenance, and characterization of germplasm for genetic purity – a base for genotyping. 
  2. Genome sequencing of indigenous germplasm to explore genomic information.
  3. Upgrading and accelerating conventional breeding through integration of genomics.
  4. Capacity building of human resource in the field of genomics. 

The NCG&SBCAS will directly provide fast track identification of germplasm having superior and/or inferior trait. This will help to explore and improve indigenous crop plant diversity and resilience. The NCG&SBCAS will also play its role for the human resource development by equipping students/researchers with advanced genomic tools.

The project is in line with the national level visions :

  1. Pakistan Vision-2025
  2. National Food Security Policy

III. Federal Seed Act 2015, Punjab Seed Act 2016

  1. Punjab Agriculture Policy 2018 
  2. HEC Vision 2025
  3. Punjab Growth Strategy 2023

National Crop Genomics & Speed Breeding Centre for Agricuture Sustainability, MNSUAM


Acheivements of NCG & SBC

  • Cotton Genomics
    • Phenotypic Characterization of germplasm of Cotton
    • Acquisition of whole genome resequencing of 40 cotton varieties/advance lines from BGI, China.
    • Data Analysis of Sequences of 40 cotton varieties/advance lines Genotypes
    • AoC between MNSUAM and Beijing Genomics Institute, China to strengthen collaboration and support for crop genomics.


  • Wheat Genomics
    • Acquisition of wheat germplasm for whole genome sequencing
    • Phenotyping of selected Wheat germplasm
    • Preparation of Wheat samples for whole genome sequencing from Beijing Genomics Institute, China.