Statistics plays a vital role in every field of human activity. Now Statistics holds a central position in almost every field, including industry Commerce, trade, Agriculture Sciences, Agri Business, Agri. Engineering, Computer Sciences and Information Technology. Statistical methods and the application of probability theory are essential to the understanding of data and underlying processes in a very wide variety of fields, including health sciences, economics and finance, social science, government, engineering, biological and physical sciences.

The Department of Statistics, MNS-University of Agriculture used to teach different courses of Mathematics and Statistics as minor/deficiency courses to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of different faculties of the university. Whereas all theoretical concepts are covered, the emphasis throughout is on applying and adapting it to real-life circumstances. The analysis of real data sets constitutes the core of the courses and pivotal role of the computer as a powerful tool in modern statistics is constantly emphasized throughout the programs being offered. Weekly assignments/practical work makes extensive use of standard statistical packages including Minitab, SPSS, EViews, R, Mathematica, Design Expert etc.

The department also provides guidance to faculty members and students of all the disciplines in planning, conducting, data collection and analysis of the projects carried out by them, as part of their assignment in the MNS-University.