In the changing world, the role of the higher education institutes demands greater connectivity and strong linkages of academia, and scientists with the local, national, regional and international academic institutes, Universities, research organizations, private sector and communities directly or indirectly associated as a part and parcel of higher education. Therefore, under the initiative of HEC, the Directorate of External Linkages was established at the Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan in 2016. After its establishment, Directorate flourished well and made its place not only across the universities in Pakistan but globally as well. With the evolving role of the university, the Directorate of External Linkages is promoting national and international collaborations and to develop partnerships with public, private and non-government institutions/organizations, think tanks and Entrepreneur Institutions. This office also has the responsibility to attract international students, facilitate placement of university students and faculty in high ranking universities, facilitate interaction between faculty and industry and exert a pull for financing of training, research and development activities of the university human resources through national and international donors, civil society and agro-based industries. The activities in the directorate have gone up manifolds and almost every month, the university receives delegates from international and national organizations for building and expanding partnerships for capacity building, research & development and Outreach activities to bring healthy change to the lives of the farming community of the country. Dr. Abid Hussain is working as a Director External Linkages at MNSUAM since December 01, 2023.


To establish purposeful linkages with national and international academia, organizations, stakeholders, and industries for making a win-win relationship


To create links and consortia with relevant organizations that could help to strengthen scientific collaboration and enhance capacity building with an aim to strengthen professional learning and extend community services to meet ever-changing local, regional, and global demands through social transformation.