There are some activities which will be repeated for upcoming students every semester.

Activity Title and Resource Person Date
Seminar Role of weeds in pest management Dr. M. Ishtiaq, Assistant Prof. Entomology Importance and management of weeds of cotton Mr. Muhammad Iqbal, Assistant Agronomist, CRI Multan 01.08.2018
Seminar The Earth: An Introduction Dr. Unsar Naeem Ullah, Assistant Prof. Department of Entomology MNSUAM 18.07.2018
Seminar Role of Maritime Technology Dr Salman Nazir, Associate Professor, University College of Southeast Norway (HSN) 12.07.2018
Seminar Phenotypic plasticity of Pink bollworm Mr. Umar Iqbal, Lecturer, PBG, MNSUAM 11.07.2018
Seminar  CRISPR/Cas9 Dr. Zulqarnain Khan, Assistant Prof. PBG MNSUAM 04.07.2018
Seminar Tissue Culture: As an Asexual way of Propagation Ms Palwasha Khanam, Lecturer, PBG 27.06.2018
Seminar Spate Irrigation in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Khurram Mobeen, Assistant Professor, Agronomy 20.06.2018
Seminar Train students to be Thinkers, not just Specialists Dr. Unsar Naeem Ullah, Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology MNSUAM 11.06.2018
Seminar Presentation Skills Dr. Ummara Waheed, Assistant Professor, PBG MNSUAM 07.06.2018
Seminar The scientific method-A way to solve a problem R.P: Dr. Fahim Nawaz AP MNSUAM 05.06.2018
Seminar Writing for Scientific Journals R.P: Dr. Amar Matloob AP MNSUAM 30.05.2018
Lecture/Seminar Biosafety Controls, Risk Mitigation and Practical Demonstration of Beaking Method R.P: Dr. Sarmad Frogh Arshad AP MNSUAM 16.05.2018
Lecture/Seminar Evolution of Cell Organelles R.P: Prof. Dr. Hammad Nadeem 09.05.2018
Lecture/Seminar Use of GenEd tools for suppression of begomoviruses R.P: Dr. Zulqurnain Khan, PhD Biotechnology UAF 02.05.2018
Graduate Research Day Graduate Research Day Organizer: Dr. Ghulam Haider GRC Coordinator MNSUAM 25.04.2018
Seminar Communication and Leadership Skills R.P: Ms. Rubina Ahmad Assis. Lirarian MNSUAM 18.04.2018
Seminar Good Governance Strategies for Organizational Excellence R.P: Mr. Muhammad Arif Lecturer MNSUAM 18.04.2018
Training How to develop a poster & to deliver a poster presentation R.P: Dr. Ghulam Haider and Dr. Umara Waheed AP MNSUAM 11.04.2018
Seminar Sources, effects and strategies to minimize heavy metal uptake in edible crops R.P: Mr. Ghulam Fareed PhD Scholar MNSUAM 04.04.2018
Seminar An Update on Pakistan-Germany Project 'Carbon Fertilizers for Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emission and Improved Food Security R.P: Dr. Ghulam Haider AP MNSUAM 21.03.2018
Lecture/Seminar Increased Plant Growth Means Reduced Resistance to Pathogens R.P: Dr. Muhammad Faisal, Massey University New Zealand 14.03.2018
Lecture/Seminar Managing Agricultural Systems to Mitigate Climate Change in Midwest USA R.P: Dr. Javed Iqbal, Research Fellow USA 07.03.2018
Seminar Studying abroad, experience in China: A life changing Journey R.P: Mr. Bilal Hussain Shah, Lecturer MNSUAM (Ex Pak. Leave) 28.02.2018
Lecture/Seminar The Secret Law of Attraction R.P: Ms. Shafia Saba PhD Scholar MNSUAM 21.02.2018
Lecture/Seminar Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production R.P: Prof. Dr. Shafqat Ali DEAN MNSUAM 14.02.2018
Lecture/Seminar Elemental and Genetic Analysis of Cotton Crop R.P: Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali, Director ORIC MNSUAM 07.02.2018
Lecture/Seminar Evolving Concept of Gene R.P: Prof. Dr. Asif Ali VC MNSUAM 31.01.2018
Lecture/Seminar Molecular Biology Techniques R.P: Dr. Hasan Riaz AP MNSUAM  
Training BLAST (Online Software by NCBI) R.P: Dr. Hasan Riaz AP MNSUAM 13.12.2017
Lecture/Seminar Interactive session on “Science is the way to get closer to Allah” R.P: Dr. Unser Naeem Ullah AP MNSUAM  
Seminar How to prepare and apply for Fulbright Scholarship R.P: Ms. Asma Bajwa  
Lecture/Seminar Interactive Session on Productivity Enhancement R.P: Mr. Irfan Mahmood 22.11.2017
Training/Seminar Time Management for Professionals R.P: Dr. Muqarrab Ali 08.11.2017
Seminar/Lecture Using HEC Digital Library and MNSUAM Library R.P: Ms. Rubina and team 01.11.2017
Training Using Mendely for Reference Management R.P: Dr. Ghulam Haider AP MNSUAM 25.10.2017
Training Using Mendely for Reference Management R.P: Dr. Ghulam Haider AP MNSUAM and Dr. Muhammad Habib Ur Rahman Lecturer MNSUAM