Cohort – II (2023)


Startup Name: RS Organic Food

Description of business: RS Organic Food is a supplier of Pakistani best fresh and dried fruits and vegetables. Pakistan's first mango brand is ours. We are supplying products in the Middle East, Europe, and China centre.



Startup Name: Paradise Foods and Catering

Description of business: Food services and Catering

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Description of business: Landscape design, execution& Maintenance services, Rooftop orchard Garden. Vertical green walls for food and environment, Microgreens Consultancy, Production of export quality ornamental plants.



Startup Name: Organic Agri Lines

Description of business: Deals in different organic products used in nurseries, kitchen gardening, high value crops, orchards, landscapes, indoor farming, urban agriculture and organic farmers. These organic products are Compost, Vermicompost, Biochar, BOP, Bio-Sulphur, Bio-Silica, Bio-Stimulant, Low pH and Soil Conditioners.



Startup Name: Food Trace

Description of business: FoodTrace is a traceability solution that allows different food supply chain participants (Farmers, warehouses, logistics, retailers, and exporters) to share data about food supplies and their operations in the form of transactions. This system will enable registered supply chain participants to trace food produce from farm to consumer. Consumers will be able to get complete traceability information of food. We will operate as a service provider company and provide prospective customers with subscription services.



Startup Name: Microbiome
Description of Business:
Insect pest and disease management is major problem now a days. We will provide pests management solutions by providing novel and smart pest management tools, chemosterlent and Bio-Stimulant are replacement of traditional pesticides. We developed different microbial natural bio pesticides, bio fertilizers and chemosterilent baits for fruit flies, termites, and other pests for their management. Our team will provide the services to farming community for development of fruit plants orchards by providing disease free nursery plants.



Startup Name: Pioneer Aqua's Pvt.Ltd (value added fish products)

Description of business: Pioneer Aqua's: Pioneering freshwater fish processing, crafting delicious RTC and RTE value-added fish products in Pakistan.



Startup Name: Stress Saviors Pvt. Ltd.

Description of Business: Stress Saviors Pvt. Ltd. is a startup with a vision: to build Pakistan's first virtual reality-based mental health platform. Alongside offering a comprehensive range of mental health consultancy services, including behavioural tests, stress-relieving games, and nutritionist services, we are pioneering innovative technology to create a transformative and immersive experience for mental well-being. Our platform directly connects clients with certified professionals, making mental health support accessible and convenient, while our ultimate goal is to redefine the landscape of mental health support in Pakistan through cutting-edge virtual reality solutions. We are dedicated to serving individuals, organizations, and communities, empowering them to embark on a journey of emotional well-being and resilience.








Startup Name: Triple Repulsion Electric Motors

Description of business: Extra Magnetism Extra Efficiency - Our Technology restores full repulsive force in a permanent magnet motor, and uses it along with full attractive force to create stronger output power without using additional input power.

How Repulsive Force was activated - A set of 4 techniques activates repulsive force in our motor without damaging attractive force and without using additional input power.

Technique 1

Energizing of expelling tooth for Repulsion

Technique 2

Termination of Braking Effect

Technique 3

Use of Attracting Flux of Permanent Magnet to strengthen the Repulsion

Technique 4

Addition of Extra Permeability to every one of the PM Field Poles



Startup Name: RAVAL MANGO

Description of business: Raval Mango Provide you Export Quality Mango at Your Door step. Delivery all over the Pakistan.






Description of business:  To eliminate poverty to empower the villagers and women’s.  Empowerment of women villagers to shove the egg hatching & poultry industry. Efficient and easy to operate with natural environment. Economical and available for local community. Temperature and humidity plays an important role in the incubator. Increase moisture to soften the eggs and help the chicks emerge.



Startup Name: Vibrant Vision (Graphic Designing Coaching & Services)

Description of our business: Our product/service for our graphic design coaching and services business includes a range of design coaching packages & design services

• We offer one-on-one coaching sessions with experienced graphic designers who can guide individuals and small business owners through the design process.

• Our coaching packages are tailored to each client's needs and can cover topics such as logo design, brand identity design, marketing collateral and more.

• Our coaching packages also include resources such as design templates design software tutorials, and design inspiration to help clients create professional-looking visuals for their brand

• We offer a range of design services that can help our clients create a strong and cohesive brand identity. Our services include:

·         Logo design

·         Calendar design

·         Notepad design

·         Posters

·         Banners

·         Visiting cards

·         Certificates

·         Website design

·         Social media graphics

·         Print design, and more

• We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and create designs that accurately represent their brand and appeal to their target audience.




Startup Name: Moringlay

Description of Business: We have designed our product packaging. Since, we are just starting, so at first we will buy Moringa leaves and after cleaning, drying them through a solar drier (no nutrient losses) will sell them in our packaging.





Startup Name: Fielders

Description of Business: Aim of Fielders is to facilitate customers with nutritional and healthy snacks.




Startup Name: Dattecs Pvt. Limited

Description of business:  We are a tech company assisting businesses to adapt in accordance to the constantly changing technological landscape.

We provide services related to digital marketing, and we plan to extend our operations into AI and Data Science in near future.



Startup Name: MR MEAT

Description: My business idea is to deliver meat at doorsteps. The fresh and halal meat will be delivered within 3-4 hours or according to the distance after the customer has placed the order. The customer’s satisfaction is our first priority. We aim to serve our best services. We assure you that after ordering once you’ll order again and again INSHALLAH.

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Description of business: Honey World is a renowned player in the beekeeping industry, founded in 2017 with a strong commitment to promoting sustainable beekeeping practices and providing high-quality honey products. Over the years, the company has garnered numerous awards both nationally and internationally especially got best entrepreneurship award by British council Pakistan under the project of COP26 2021, worked with WWF Pakistan, LPP (Lodhran pilot Project) Muslim Hand, Essar Scouts Muzaffargarh, Forest department Lahore, and local farmers Malik Aliyas Agriculture farm, RK FARM Agri Farm kottaddu   solidifying its reputation as a leader in the industry. In addition to honey production, Honey World offers expert advisory and consultancy services to support the growth and success of beekeepers and honey enthusiasts worldwide.


Cohort – I (2022)


Startup Name: Puchick (Pvt.) Ltd.

Description of business: Online marketplace for freelancers and artists.



Startup Name: Proti-N Enterprises (Multigrain Flour)

Description of business: Proti- N Enterprises was established in 2021. It is a registered firm of Punjab and also registered in Punjab Food Authority. Aim of Proti-N Enterprises is to facilitate customers with good quality food and nutritional products for diabetic and celiac patients. The company is dealing with different food item like Multi grain flour, gluten free flour and diabetic flour.



Startup Name: F.M Marketing Alternate Energy

Description of business: We specialize in solar power and alternative energy projects, offering solutions such as wood gasification and biogas electrification. Additionally, we provide agribusiness solutions, including submersible water pumps for tube wells.



Startup Name: Uni Fresh

Description of Business: Marketing of water.

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Startup Name: Uni Value
Description of Business:
Value added food products.

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Pre-Cohort (2019-2021)


Startup Name: Smart Traps

Description of business: Purpose of the startup is to design, develop, and implement agro-tech services for integrated pest management.





Startup Name: Green Agriculture Services

Description of business: Purpose of the startup is to design, develop, and implement agro-tech services for integrated pest management.





Startup Name: Abrish Honey (Uni Fresh Honey)

Description of business: Abrish Honey aims to address the acute shortage of pure honey in Pakistan by promoting beekeeping in orchards and vegetable farms. The team's mission is to start from the household level and grow into a renowned company, producing pure honey from their own farms. They believe that by showcasing the ease of obtaining natural honey from agricultural products, more people will adopt beekeeping, leading to increased honey production and improved crop yields through pollination. Abrish Honey envisions enhancing both crop yield and human health by saving bees and promoting the consumption of pure honey.

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Startup Name: Bytes Software Development Pvt. Ltd.

Description: IT Solutions




Startup Name: Sharan Herbal and Food Supplement

Description: SHARAN aims to revive herbal medicine in Pakistan and create awareness about the benefits of natural remedies. They aim to educate people about the side effects of conventional medicines and promote a steroid-free, natural medication system. By offering affordable herbal medicines and conducting informative sessions, SHARAN hopes to create a healthier society that values and utilizes Pakistan's abundant natural resources.

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Startup: Managers

Description: Event Management Company

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