The mission of the Directorate of Student Affairs is to:

  1. Promote student learning and holistic development that also fosters a recognition and appreciation of diversity;
  2. Provide services, facilities, and physical structures which encourage interpersonal engagement, stimulation of the learning process and promotes mental, physical health and wellness;
  3. Foster a campus community which promotes student involvement through enhanced interpersonal and social engagement opportunities, organizations and programs;
  4. Develop and enhance collaborative relationships with students, faculty, staff, and the external community to better serve student needs and ensure high quality services and programs;
  5. Develop and expand efforts that encourage student recruitment, retention, and graduation.
  6. Develop leadership and citizenship skills by involving students in varied group experiences and roles, combined with training, supervision and consultation in leadership and group membership responsibilities and techniques.
  7. Implement orientation programs which effectively acquaint students with the resources and opportunities available to them and which encourage their probability of success.
  8. Provide and maintain structures for the development of reference groups and interest groups which respond to the changing needs of students through coordinating student group advising and student leadership training.