1. Hostel fee and security deposits as determined by the University from time to time are payable by the student in each semester.
  2. Hostel allotment of a student shall be cancelled, if, he/she fails to pay hostel dues. However, he/she may seek readmission in a hostel as admissible under rules.
  3. Students staying for additional semester/summer session/thesis examination/ research work etc. will have to pay the hostel fee and subscription etc.
  4. If any student leaves the hostel without paying hostel dues including mess, canteen and other charges, the amount outstanding against him/her along with a ne equal to 10% of the hostel’s dues will be recovered at the time of next enrolment.
  5. In case such a student leaves hostel qualifying a degree, the outstanding amount along with a fine shall be recovered at the time of issuance of provisional certificate, degree etc., by the Controller of Examination.