1. Furniture items such as charpai, table, chair and almirah assigned to a particular room shall not be shifted from that room. The residing students of that allotted room shall return these articles, when leaving the hostel. He/she will also be responsible for any loss or damage of these articles.
  2. Students must treat the hostel staff politely. Misbehavior with the staff is strictly prohibited.
  3. The hostel staff is not supposed to render any private service to any student. Complaints regarding misbehavior of the hostel staff will be reported to the relevant Assistant Superintendent / Hostel Superintendent.
  4. The telephone provided in a hostel is only meant for inter hostel contact/incoming calls only and no local or prank calls will be entertained through these telephones.
  5. The students must make entry in the "In/Out Register" kept in hostel.
  6. Resident is bound to make entries in the hostel leaving register and mess closure register before leaving for home.
  7. The visitors (parents/guardians) are allowed to meet the resident only before the closing time of the hostel. (They should observe the summer and winter closing hours).
  8. Every resident has to mark his/her attendance in the office and mess register, those missing at the time of attendance will be considered absent and if they keep on doing this, they may be expelled from the hostel.
  9. Day scholars are not allowed to stay in hostel. However, may visit and/ or stay with prior permission from the Hostel Assistant Superintendent/Superintendent along with subscribed charges.
  10. Security Officer of MNS- University of Agriculture Multan will be responsible for hostel security and public related matters.