All bonafide University students are governed by MNSUA Disciplinary and Conduct rule. However, the following additional rules have been framed to regulate day to day activities of boarders.

  1. Disciplinary action will be taken against habitual late comers.
  2. Roll will be called daily at 8:00 to 9:00 p.m.
  3. No gathering, meeting or group activities of unauthorized student bodies will be allowed within the premises of hostel.
  4. No religious/social ceremony likely to injure the sentiments of other boarders will be allowed in the hostel.
  5. Every part of the hostel premises shall freely be opened to the hostel authorities for inspection at any time.
  6. No boarder shall indulge in any amusement which may disturb other boarders.
  7. Other than electric lights and fans no electric appliances will be used in a hostel. However, air cooler and exhaust fans can be used after getting prior permission from the Superintendent/Hostel warden. But the boarder will have to pay prescribed amount for this purpose.
  8. Before leaving the room, all electric articles must be switched off, even for a short while. Leaving the room with light or fan switched on is an offence punishable with fine.
  9. It is the paramount duty of all the residents of the hostels to maintain cleanliness and healthy surroundings both in and outside their rooms and hostel premises.
  10. Firearms and other weapons, liquor, intoxicants, hukka, cigarette or other prohibited/ objectionable article is not allowed to be kept or used in the hostel. An addict student will be expelled.
  11. Spitting, smoking, defacing hostel premises will strictly be prohibited.
  12. Boarders are required to observe necessary precautions for the safe custody of their belongings/valuables. The hostel administration will not be responsible for any loss of property.
  13. All cases of sickness must be reported to the hostel authorities for necessary help and assistance to the student concerned.
  14. The allotment of a student will be cancelled who remains absent for 30 days from the hostel without prior permission/intimation to the hostel authority. However, he/she may seek readmission as admissible under rules.
  15. Breach of any rule of public morals, such as:
  16. Use of indecent or filthy language in the premises of residential hall.
  17. Use of immodest, improper and provocative dress.
  18. Use of undesirable remarks or gestures.
  19. Disorderly behavior such as fooling, shouting, abusing, quarrelling, fighting, insolence, indecency, profligacy and dishonesty.
  20. Impersonation perjury, giving false information, willful suppression of information, cheating, deceiving and stealing etc;
  21. Shouting of slogans derogatory to the prestige of the University or the reputation of its teachers and officers.
  22. Use of intoxicants, immorality, failure to comply with a penalty imposed by a disciplinary authority.
  23. Misbehavior with a teacher or any other University official
  24. The hostel authorities are responsible for maintaining discipline in the hostel and are authorized to admonish students for any irregularity or breach of discipline.
  25. The Assistant Superintendent may punish a student for breach of any discipline by way of a fine not exceeding to Rs. 500/-, Hostel Superintendent Rs. 1000/- and Associate Hostel Warden or Hostel Warden Rs. 5000/- in each case. Admonitions will be reported in writing to the University authorities for appropriate action.
  26. Boarders violating the above-mentioned rules shall be fined, suspended, rusticated or expelled from hostel.