The residents shall abide by the following rules and regulations and other rules as may be framed from time to time by the Competent Authority.

  1. The hostel accommodation will be provided to the bonafide students of the University, subjected to the availability of seats.
  2. On allotment slip full particulars including recent photograph, permanent address with phone number and complete address of the student will be given.
  3. Seats within the hostel are allotted by the Hostel Superintendent on the commencement of the semester on seniority/merit basis, which will be determined by the semester of the study taking into consideration GPA/CGPA and student's behavior during stay.
  4. In making the allotment, the hostel authorities will also take into account the conduct and

character of a boarder. Those, with penalties being imposed shall lose their seniority.

  1. The allotment of such students whose hostel dues are in arrears shall be cancelled.
  2. No boarder is allowed to change his/her seat without prior permission of the hostel authorities.
  3. The Vice Chancellor and Hostel Warden may refuse admission or expel any student if he/she has any qualms about a student conduct or character.