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UI GreenMetric Questionnaire

University : Muhammad Nawaz Shareef, University of Agriculture Multan.
Country : Pakistan.
Web Address : www.mnsuam.edu.pk

[1] Setting and Infrastructure (SI)

[1.8] Ratio of Open Space

Building in Block A (Academic Block) Building in Block A (Girls Hostel)

Building in Block A (Vice Chancellor Residence) Building in Block A (Faculty Residence)

Building in Block B (Academic Block) Building in Block B (Administration Block)

Building in Block B (Boys Hostel) Building in Block B (Guest House)




Central Library


MNS-University of Agriculture, Multan has 45,766 m2 total campus building area in which these above mentioned buildings are constructed.

Formula of Ratio of Open Space area:
Total Campus area – Total campus ground floor area of Building / Total Campus area x 100
728434 – 20938 / 728434 x 100
707496 / 728434 x 100

97% approximately