Core Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Asif Ali                                (Chief Organizer)

Prof. Dr. Shafqat Saeed                      

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq

Prof. Dr. Irfan Ahmad Baig

Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Prof. Dr. Hammad Nadeem Tahir

Communication and Media coverage Committee:

Responsibilities: Designing of Publishing material (brochures, invitation cards, folders, abstract books and other relevant material)

Prof. Dr. Shafqat Saeed Convener
Dr. Amar Matloob Dr. Abdul Razzaq Member Member
Dr. Mirza Abdul Qayyum Secretary

Invitation Committee:

Responsibilities: Invitation of national and international participants and dissemination of information for wider reach to public

Prof. Dr. Shafqat Saeed Convener
Dr. Nadeem Ahmed Member
Dr. Umar Farooq Member
Dr. Muhammad Ishtiaq Secretary

Technical/Peer Review Committee

Responsibilities: To review the technical material (Abstracts etc.) for conference and design the Abstract Books

Dr. Abdul Ghaffar Convener
Dr. Zulqarnain Khan Member
Dr. Muhammad Umair Sial Member
Dr. Hasan Riaz Member
Dr. Khurram Mubeen Member
Dr. Muhammad Fiaz Member
Dr. Naeem Iqbal Secretary

Technical Session Committee:

Responsibilities: To arrange tools (software and hardware) and facilitate for online activity on the day of conference

Prof. Dr. Shafqat Saeed Convener
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Member
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Razzaq (BZU) Member
Prof. Dr. Sohail Ahmed (UAF) Member
Dr. M. Arshad Shakeel Member

Registration Committee:

Responsibilities: Registration of national and international participants

Dr. Unsar Naeem-Ullah Convener
Dr. Muhammad Zeshan Member
Dr. Arslan Khan Member
Ms. Mirza Abid Mehmood Secretary

Report/Documentation Committee:

Responsibilities: Documentation/Report writing for the conference 

Dr. Mudssar Ali Ms. Hafiza Tahira Gul Member Secretary

Follow up Committee:

Responsibilities: Weekly follow up of the tasks assigned to concerned committees

Prof. Dr. Shafqat Saeed Convener
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq Member
Mr. Zafaryab Haider Member