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Aims and Objectives

The International Conference will provide insight into innovations and advances in Plant Protection, aiming to protect the plant resources from the invasion and infestation of insect pests, plant pathogens and weeds. The conference would provide a collection of innovative ideas and recent research undergone by students, academia and industrialists, world over. A pool of thought-provoking opportunities would enable networking and provide opportunities for collaborations and alliances on plant protection; stimulate and facilitate discussions and dialogues between stakeholders like scientists, researchers and practitioners including policy makers, business, civil society and farmers.

Main Themes

  1. Insect Pest Management
    • IPM – Integrated Pest Management
    • Migratory Pests and Biosecurity
    • Pesticide application and Management
    • Biopesticides/Microbial/Natural pesticides
    • Biodiversity of pests
    • Conservation of beneficial insects
    • Innovative techniques in Plant protection
    • Climate change and insect pest management
    • Resistance 
  2. Plant Disease Diagnostics and Management
    • Innovative techniques
    • Populations genetics 
    • Induced Plant Immunity 
    • Invasive and Emerging Plant Diseases under changing climate
    • Plant-microbe interactions
    • Recent trends in Plant Disease Management
    • Role of Plant Pathology in Global Economy
    • Disease modeling
    • Resistant sources
    • Postharvest pest management
  3. Weeds Management
    • Weeds as risk to food security
    • Alien invasive weeds
    • Weeds role in conserving pathogen and insects
    • Weedicide Resistance
    • Allelopathic weeds
  4. Biotechnology for plant protection
    • Biotechnological tools for pest management
    • Endophytes and plant protection
    • Genome editing
    • Innovative approaches for plant protection

Conference Schedule

Abstracts Submission Jan 04, 2021 
Acceptance of Abstracts Jan 20, 2021
List of Presentations Jan 22, 2021
Conference days Jan 27-28, 2021